CPI 260

imagesThe CPI 260 assessment measures 29 distinct psychological constructs grouped into six scale categories:

  • Seven Dealing with Others scales, focusing on the manner in which social participation is expressed
  • Seven Self-management scales, assessing self-discipline and acceptance of societal rules
  • Three Motivations and Thinking Style scales
  • Three Personal Characteristics scales
  • Six Work-Related Measures scales, assessing disposition at work
  • Three High-Order Measures scales, assessing personal orientations

Reports available with the CPI 260:

  • CPI 260 Feedback Report – basic summary of CPI 260
  • CPI 260 Coaching Report for Leaders – identify strengths and blind spots for leaders

When to Use CPI 260

The CPI 260 is best suited for leadership development, executive coaching and performance improvement initiatives.

Types of CPI 260 Reports

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