The focus of the SKILLSCOPE assessment is practical 360° feedback on job related skills that are necessary for effective management.  Receive feedback on 15 job-related competencies including:

Information Skills

  • Getting Information, Making Sense of It, Problem Identification
  • Communicating Information, Ideas


  • Taking Action, Making Decisions, Following-Through
  • Risk-Taking, Innovation
  • Administrative/Organizational Ability
  • Managing Conflict, Negotiation

Interpersonal Skills

  • Relationships
  • Selecting, Developing, Accepting People
  • Influencing, Leadership, Power
  • Openness to Influence, Flexibility

Personal Resources

  • Knowledge of Job, Business
  • Energy, Drive, Ambition

Effective Use of Self

  • Time Management
  • Coping with Pressure, Adversity, Integrity
  • Self-Management, Self-Insight, Self-Development

When to use SKILLSCOPE

For supervisors, managers, individual contributors to understand their strengths and development needs. Group profiles are available.

View a sample individual SKILLSCOPE feedback report.

View a sample group SKILLSCOPE feedback profile.

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