Strong Interest Inventory and Interpretive Report

Career coaching often involves career exploration, especially when you are trying to change careers or find another way to use your skills and talents in the marketplace. One of the assessment tools I use is the Strong Interest Inventory, an assessment that helps you to pinpoint possible career choices and identifies personal and organizational cultural fit requirements.

Your Strong Assessment Inventory Profile has 18 pages packed full of information including:

  1. General Occupation Themes describes your interests, work activities, potential skill, and personal values in six areas.
  2. Basic Interest Scales are specific interest areas within the General Occupational Themes and identifies fields that would be motivating or rewarding for you.
  3. Occupational Scales compares your likes and dislikes as compared to others who are satisfied in the same occupation or job.
  4. Personal Style Scales describes your preferences on work style, learning, leadership, risk-taking, and team work.
  5. Profile Summary provides a snapshot of your profile.
  6. Response Summary is the review within each category of the Strong items.

In the Interpretive Report, you receive data detail and a summary of your general interest patterns and how similar your answers are to the interests of workers in 120 occupations. If you want to see how you rank against the norm, this report will help you.

Here is an example of a Strong Interest Profile and Interpretive Report.

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Strong Interest Inventory & Feedback


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