Do you have a Consultant Partnership using the HBDI?

Corporations, companies, and organizations using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument in their Leadership Development or other training programs should consider a partnership with Lynn Dessert, an experienced HBDI practitioner.

There are some significant advantages working with a Corporate HBDI Mentor or Consultant:

  1. One point of contact; Lynn has worked with Herrmann International for over 11 years and has the relationships to get things done quickly.
  2. We carry the burden of processing the HBDI profiles. All your records will be in one location giving Lynn the tools to conduct analysis.
  3. In-house HBDI practitioners can benefit from having an HBDI Mentor, especially in the first year or two after their certification.
  4. Lynn can learn your business and develop, design, and deliver programs if you need flexibility.
  5. Depending on volume and services, there is a potential for increased service levels and/or lower HBDI and training costs.


Discuss your needs and possible solutions with Lynn today. Use the contact form or call (585) 249-5149. Not ready to invest in a program today? Learn what you can do at Elephants at Work that might make the difference.