Private Executive & Career Coaching

Based in Rochester, NY, Lynn Dessert offers individual executive and career coaching in person to a select group of clients. The clients are not company sponsored and pay for the services directly. Outside of Rochester, NY, coaching is done by phone or Skype.

Why Use a Career Coach?

There are several situations where executive and career coaching can make a significant difference, especially if career progression is a top priority.

 “Lynn is great. I hired her on a 1×1 personal coaching basis. The main objective I was seeking was achieved in half the time. The other half, she helped me to think beyond my current self and find new potential. She is very sharp, and does an outstanding job listening and responding. Her recommendations have always been in-line with my needs. I am already referring her to friends and peers.”

Stacey Brown, Individual Career Client

Career coaching is appropriate if you are employed, starting a new job or you are currently out of work. Each situation has a unique set of challenges. Here are real life situations where clients have sought out Lynn Dessert for career coaching:

Career Coaching for Unemployed

Career coaching is sought out at two pivotal points: when you are first laid off or after you have been out of work for a significant time.

Working with a career coach

There may be a strong need to get back to work quickly because of financial constraints such as you are the majority income producer or there are health insurance concerns. Financial constraints or pride may influence not using a coach, however, the longer you are out of work there are often more hurdles to overcome.

It has become more important to be aggressive about moving to your next job because employers may see you becoming stale as time passes without employment.

Here are some of the reasons a career coach may help make a difference:

  • Navigating the job market alone is daunting, especially if you are an introvert who wants to avoid networking groups.
  • Deep down you know your termination was for a good reason—your performance may have been the culprit or you had a bad relationship with your boss.
  • Holding yourself accountable for results is difficult; you achieve more when you have to report your progress.
  • It is easy to become distracted with too much information and sometimes conflicting advice confuses you.
  • You crave structure and a process to get things done efficiently.
  • There is uncertainty in your current career choice and you want to know if there are other options.
  • You are applying to everything and are not going after the right job or company.
  • At the interview stage, everything falls apart.
  • Your personal confidence is shot.

Career Coaching during Transitions

You landed a job in a new company. You might be excited and a little scared about it. Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself?

These are some of the questions Lynn Dessert works through with clients who have accepted new employment and want to be successful with the job on-boarding process. It is common for someone to work with her during the job hunt process and then continue their coaching sessions once they begin a new position.

There is a direct relationship between being successful and continuing to work for a new employer and addressing many of the questions proactively. When clients who have needed this coaching short-changed this step, the results can be very disturbing, such as an immediate loss of job.

Career Coaching for Currently Employed

If you are currently employed you may have noticed that organizations are doing less employee development. For good reason, organizations are reducing the number of top jobs and the investment in employee development is not paying off.

Bottom line: Companies invest in programs that provide ROI. If there is a chance that you might leave, there is no incentive for them to develop you.

The savvy executive or executive-in-training takes personal responsibility for their own development. It may mean staying in your current organization and maximizing internal development opportunities or leaving to advance your career.

If you want to remain in the organization, Lynn’s executive background in Human Resources gives you the tools to position yourself for advancement by having the right conversations with the people who can become your advocate. Company politics still reigns in many organizations and if you are new to it, having a career coach who understands the implications can prevent you from making a career miss-step.

Are you thinking about doing something different? You may have reached a point in your life where you have the liberty and financial freedom to pursue something you are passionate about. The questions are: What is it? How can I make it work? Lynn helps executives figure out the answers to these questions. The executives who plan in advance make easier career transitions—is that you?

What You Can Do Today

Take ownership of your own career by investing in yourself. If you continue to wait for your organization or someone else to do it for you, it may never get done.

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If you live near Rochester, NY, or would like to engage a career coach by phone, why not take advantage of Lynn Dessert’s experience and insight when making key decisions about your career?

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