Think about using HBDInteractive for Job On-Boarding

Companies interested in creating effective job on-boarding programs have a difficult challenge – the impact of generational differences can affect your success rate. One of the ways to connect with the Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial employees is with technology. In a few minutes you’ll get to see how the HBDInteractive™ is one way to accomplish this goal.

HBDI® stands for Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®, a thinking style assessment. The HBDI®, unlike other assessment tools that may be used during the job on-boarding process, has an interactive format comprised of several different modules where participants can self pace their training.

In between each module, homework or exercises can be assigned to facilitate the learning and development process. A certified HBDI® practitioner helps you every step of the way.

Here’s a quick video showing some highlights of the HBDInteractive™:

Recently, I published The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding which is designed for the individual who wants to take control of their career in a new job or with a new boss.

Companies can take a leadership role by develop job on-boarding programs to introduce their culture, norms and build relationships quickly. It is critical to build interpersonal and organizational skills to be successful in their job – otherwise they leave. The majority of employees leave because of these two factors:

  1. They have a poor relationship with their manager
  2. The culture is a misfit

So, it makes good business sense to put together a program that meets generational needs and “sticks”. That’s what employee engagement is all about.

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