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A key factor in trust is integrity. The clients Leadership Breakthrough works with are candid about what working with Lynn Dessert as an Executive, Team and Career Coach means to them.

“Lynn is a top performer! An expert on behavioral analysis and techniques and their application to organizational problems. She grasps the problem from the CEO’s vantage and can execute without oversight.”

- Carl Sassano, Chairman of the Board, Transcat, Inc. and Board Member at Complemar – former COO, Bausch & Lomb

“Lynn’s ability to quantify, and then articulate, the tangible P&L impacts of Human Resource Programs was a key to our success.”

- Gary Cappeline, Sr. VP, President & COO, Ashland Inc., Chemical Sector – currently Operating Partner, AeA

“Lynn is an excellent coach, mentor and problem solver. Her ability to quickly assimilate into a culture, identify issues, and people problems make her an invaluable partner for improving organizations.”

- Bill Cobb, VP Operations, Vulcan Materials Corporation, currently Independent Consultant

“Lynn’s use of HBDI was an outstanding process to assist the Sales Team in developing the critical thinking process; improving the decision making and problem solving processes; and enhancing the communication and accountability skills to allow Johnson Polymer to successfully grow our business in competitive times. Lynn’s personal rapport with the Sales Team is outstanding. Her direct engagement empowered our sales team to deliver five successive years of breakthrough performance by building their skills and confidence to face any customer or sales situation.”

- Carroll Bennett, Sales Director, Johnson Polymer – currently Sales Manager North America, BASF, and hired Lynn more than once

“Lynn’s seminar ‘Making Better Decisions with the Four F’s’ that she delivered at the last ASQ conference was phenomenal. I learned a lot about understanding preferences and how they relate to customers and prospects. This will really help in identifying and meeting customer needs.”

- Ron Sicker, Founder, TCM Group

“Lynn has provided our company with excellent training and development expertise. I have utilized Lynn’s expertise in several group training sessions as well as for individual leadership training. She has always delivered excellent results. I highly recommend her!”

Gary Raley, President & COO, Johnson Polymer – currently on the Board of Directors, Bemis Manufacturing  hired Lynn as a Business Consultant in 2004, and hired Lynn more than once

“I worked with Lynn as my career coach and can say undeniably that she made substantial contributions in helping me find my next opportunity and enhancing my awareness of my personal & professional make-up. Her insight and thoughtful analysis enabled me to make deliberate changes on how I present myself to others and more conscious of my natural tendencies. I highly recommend Lynn as coach/consultant that can serve as a sounding board, help in the analysis of complex business/personal dynamics and identify alternatives and possible solutions.”

-Ross Terradas- Plant Manager Rockwell International

“Lynn is a terrific resource to the executive that needs HR guidance, career advice, personal branding and overall team leadership guidance. She can work with a group or an individual on many levels. She has redirected me several times with her calm wisdom. I also recommend her blog. It is a quick read once or twice a week and has excellent commentary and advice to keep your leadership and HR neurons firing. See it and sign up at www.elephantsatwork.com.”

-Ted Newill , VP Sales and Marketing , Reichert, Inc.

“If you need (and want) no-nonsense business advice and coaching that will work, you need to call Lynn Dessert. She is trustworthy, energetic, empathetic and results-driven. She asks tough questions and expects honest answers, all in an effort to assist you and your business. I’ve worked with Lynn for many years on several projects and I find her style honest, open, refreshing, witty and caring. She has a great sense of humor, and can put people at ease immediately. I have recommended her many times, and will continue to do so. She is that good.”

- Claudia Burcke , Business Services Manager / Project Manager , RochesterWorks, Inc. – currently Managing Director, Business Development at Greater Rochester Enterprise

“Transcat selected Lynn to help us with our strategy of increased focus on delivering superior customer service. Lynn performance was excellent. She was able to assess and deliver to our requirements.She was flexible to meet the needs of our business. Her facilitation skills were superior and was able to get total group involvement during our training sessions. We achieved our objectives.”

- Bob Maddamma , VP customer sat/training, Transcat Inc.- currently Director Executive Corporate Recruitment, Simon Graduate School of Business

“Lynn, has provided excellent organization and leadership recommendations for mutual clients. She is thorough and communicates with impact.”

- Thomas Pearson , Owner , The Marketing Counselor and Executive Partner at The Mason School of Business

“Lynn has been instrumental in helping me gain a clearer grasp of my career options within my current field … and beyond my current field.  The breadth of her previous work experience outside the Rochester area combines well with her strong connection to this area. The result is a very useful synergy which has brought forth my strengths and rooted out my misconceptions. Lynn is a pleasure to work with, yet she is never afraid to challenge my assumptions.”

- Private coaching client

“Lynn is very effective at coaching to improve team performance. She employs personality mapping in a very pragmatic way, providing insights to optimize team thinking processes and linking them directly to performance improvement.”

- Kirk Jacobs, hired Lynn as a Business Consultant in 2004

“Lynn is a perfect coach for high level executives who want and need to see the big strategic picture. She is able to look at the overall organizational structure and personnel identifying specific change opportunities. She is extremely bright, has a stellar background in business and has advised and coached top level leaders across the US. I highly recommend Lynn to an executive seeking realistic, applicable advice.”

- Chris Leavitt, Vice President, Rochester,NY, Goodrich&Sherwood Inc.

“Lynn led workshops to help our sales team sell more effectively by better understanding each clients HBDI thinking styles. By knowing that and their own thinking style, they were able to tailor their approach to help improve trust and communication. Later we used the same approach very effectively to build a new leadership team. In both cases, Lynn was able to get great engagement and help us make lasting improvements.”

-Mike Dalton, hired Lynn as a Leadership Training in 2003, and hired Lynn more than once

“Lynn was a key part of my worldwide IT organization at B&L, where she provided HR support. We were going through significant changes as a company and organization and Lynn was instrumental to understanding the cultural and operation changes we needed to make. She also brought to the table “how” to make the changes. Intelligent, insightful and driven, I have counted on Lynn for advice whenever I am considering professional options. A must have in your tool kit!”

-Roberto D. Colangelo, SVP & Chief Information Officer, Bausch & Lomb, Inc managed Lynn indirectly at Bausch & Lomb

“Lynn served as an excellent coach and mentor over the months we worked together. She is definitely an intuitive yet practical, results-driven business coach who listens, provides effective feedback and helped enhance my favorable outcome of my unemployment hearings. Lynn went well beyond in commitment and time, spending several hours in preparation for each hearing. To say that Lynn was driven to achieve a positive outcome is by far an understatement. She is a positive force for change and highly committed and skilled at what she does. I was very impressed with her professional experience, and would highly recommend Lynn for any organization services.”

-Debbie Sartain-Paul, Individual Career Coaching Client

“I’ve worked with Lynn for career coaching advice and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a career coach. By using the HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) to determine dominant thinking preferences, Lynn can quickly asses areas where roadblocks in performance may be occurring. Among other highly regarded qualities, Lynn is professional, insightful, analytical, personable, and trustworthy. Her in depth knowledge and experience in the areas of personal and professional development has provided me with an awareness of specific behaviors to target for improvement. I highly recommend Lynn for any person or business in need of professional development, team work, or coaching advice.”

-Paul Neumann, Individual Career Coaching Client

“Lynn provided great insight for a presentation to a group of executives. She gave me great tips to improve the powerpoint and suggested group exercises to keep the team engaged. I felt much more confident after our meeting and would recommend her to anyone.”

-Susan Kastan, hired Lynn as a Business Consultant

“Lynn is an excellent speaker. Recently she talked about using social media to attract business at a Rochester Professional Consultant Network’s meeting that I organized. At the meeting she explained how she uses social media to attract new clients. Her talk was not a one-way, boring presentation. She invited the audience to share their experiences and also answered questions. Many people told me that they took away useful information from her talk. I highly recommend Lynn as a speaker for your group.”

-Barbara Moore, Owner, Net Results, LLC

“Lynn’s vast experience and knowledge on career development has certainly helped me obtain a clearer vision. She is a terrific listener, asks thoughtful questions, and is genuinely interested in her client’s progress. She also has many helpful insights, resources, and contacts available for my career development. I highly recommend her coaching services!”

-Mark Kehrig, Individual Career Coaching Client

“Lynn is great. I hired her on a 1×1 personal coaching basis. The main objective I was seeking was achieved in half the time. The other half, she helped me to think beyond my current self and find new potential. She is very sharp, and does an outstanding job listening and responding. Her recommendations have always been in-line with my needs. I am already referring her to friends and peers.”

-Stacey Brown, Individual Career Client

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lynn’s partnership in helping me roll out a pilot training program to incorporate HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator) tool as a resource to improve several leadership teams who lacked chemistry or synergy. She introduced me to HBDI and its philosophy – a new approach to understanding diverse thinking and communication styles, compared to the traditional dialogue about diversity and inclusion. I was so impressed with how I could integrate HBDI in our my Leadership Development Program as an advanced tool to develop our leadership talent. All the times I’ve partnered with Lynn, I was very pleased that she listened to me and delivered exactly what I requested to customize the training to our needs. As a result, we were able to impact turnover and conflict associated with different thinking and communication styles. HBDI provided an interaction framework that allowed the teams to lead more effectively.”

-Renzie Richardson, Director, Training & Human Resource Development, Education Corporation of America

“Lynn developed and facilitated the “Leading with your Strengths” workshop. It was a very insightful workshop, Lynn’s professionalism and depth of knowledge on getting the most out of a team really shined through.”

-Phil White, IT Director, Biomedical Synergies, Inc.

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