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My name is Lynn Dessert, a NLP Certified Executive Career & Life Coach and the founder of Leadership Breakthrough, Inc. I work with individuals and organizations to develop their personal effectiveness skills—a cornerstone to career advancement.

Lynn Dessert, Rochester NYLynn is a terrific resource to the executive that needs HR guidance, career advice, personal branding, and overall team leadership guidance. She can work with a group or an individual on many levels. She has redirected me several times with her calm wisdom. I also recommend her blog. It is a quick read once or twice a week and has excellent commentary and advice to keep your leadership and HR neurons firing. See it and sign up at”

-Ted Newill

Approach and Philosophy

You can learn a lot about me and my approach because I write about it in my blog, Elephants at Work, so do your homework before you make a decision. When you decide to contact me, use any of the contact forms located at the bottom of each page.

Chemistry and respect for one another is critical and it makes working together run smoothly; satisfying everyone’s needs.

My behavioral approach is grounded in many of the assessments I employ to provide clients with information about how their attitudes and perspectives influence their communication and actions. Clients work with me when they are stuck in a rut and need help figuring out how to adapt or change their behavior because it is preventing career advancement.

As an executive, team and career coach, I work with you in five different ways:

  1. As an individual, providing impartial guidance and coaching on career exploration and changes, personal effectiveness, skill development, and their ability to positively influence relationships. Individual coaching may be Company sponsored or paid by the individual.
  2. With groups or teams, to build more trust among individuals or with their leaders or customers. My sessions are interactive, fun, and get to the “ah-ha” discovery.
  3. Through speaking engagements to raise awareness on career management and leadership best practices.
  4. Through my career advancement blog Elephants at Work. If you want free advice on sticky situations, this is the place to do your homework.
  5. The Career Breakthrough Series, a collection of eBooks providing in-depth career information if individual coaching is not an option for you.

 What to Do after Being Fired and  The Secrets to Job On-Boarding!

I help individuals, teams, and organizations improve their performance. It’s about getting results—the right way. Let’s work together to create your plan. Contact me below or take the Coaching Readiness Assessment with no obligation.

Discuss your needs and possible solutions with Lynn today. Use the contact form or call (585) 249-5149. Not ready to invest in a program today? Learn what you can do at Elephants at Work that might make the difference.