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The Center for Creative Leadership offers a wide selection of assessments (including 360-degree) used in executive coaching, leadership, management, team and organizational development. The assessments discussed below can be administered by Lynn Dessert.




Benchmarks is a comprehensive, 360-degree assessment tool that measures 16 skills and perspectives that are critical for success. This type of an analysis gives executives an objective assessment of their skills and a comparison of those skills to similar managers in other organizations. This ultimately allows the behavioral trainer and individual to focus on and create strategies for development in specific key areas. Benchmarks is the assessment of choice for experienced managers who seek feedback from their boss, peers, and direct reports.

Success Areas
The success areas measured include:
  • Strategic perspective
  • Being a quick study
  • Decisiveness
  • Change management
  • Leading employees
  • Confronting problem employees
  • Participative management
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Compassion and sensitivity
  • Putting people at ease
  • Respect for differences
  • Taking initiative
  • Composure
  • Balance between personal and work life
  • Self-awareness
  • Career management
Career Stallers

Benchmarks identifies potential areas that stall careers:

  • Problems with interpersonal relationships
  • Difficulty building and leading a team
  • Difficulty changing or adapting
  • Failure to meet business objectives
  • Too narrow a functional orientation
Qualitative Information

The newer version of Benchmarks provides ample opportunity for participants to write in comments. Two questions are asked:

  1. What are this person’s most significant strengths? Please explain
  2. What are this person’s most significant areas for development? Please explain.
When to use Benchmarks

For executive coaching and leadership team development at the local or division levels.



The focus of the SKILLSCOPE assessment is practical 360-degree assessment and feedback on job related skills that are necessary for effective management.

Job-related Competencies

Receive feedback on 15 job-related competencies including:

Information Skills

  • Getting Information, Making Sense of It, Problem Identification
  • Communicating Information, Ideas


  • Taking Action, Making Decisions, Following-Through
  • Risk-Taking, Innovation
  • Administrative/Organizational Ability
  • Managing Conflict, Negotiation

Interpersonal Skills

  • Relationships
  • Selecting, Developing, Accepting People
  • Influencing, Leadership, Power
  • Openness to Influence, Flexibility

Personal Resources

  • Knowledge of Job, Business
  • Energy, Drive, Ambition

Effective Use of Self

  • Time Management
  • Coping with Pressure, Adversity, Integrity
  • Self-Management, Self-Insight, Self-Development
When to use Skillscope

For supervisors, managers, individual contributors to understand their strengths and development needs. Group profiles are available.


360 by Design

360° By Design

Organizations that require customization of the 360-degree assessment tool will opt for the 360° BY DESIGN. You have the ability to construct the survey and select specific leadership needs or competencies in addition to custom open-ended questions.


The competencies available include:

Leading Others

  • Managing Effective Teams and Work Groups
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Valuing Diversity and Difference
  • Developing Others
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Problems That Can Stall a Career

Leading the Organization

  • Managing Change
  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Managing Politics and Influencing Others
  • Taking Risks and Innovating
  • Setting Vision and Strategy
  • Managing the Work
  • Enhancing Business Skills & Knowledge
  • Understanding and Navigating the Organization
  • Problems That Can Stall a Career

Leading Yourself

  • Developing Adaptability
  • Increasing Self-Awareness
  • Managing Yourself
  • Increasing Your Capacity to Learn
  • Exhibiting Leadership Stature
  • Displaying Drive and Purpose
  • Demonstrating Ethics and Integrity
  • Problems That Can Stall a Career

Global Competencies

  • Decision Maker
  • Negotiator
  • Leader
  • Business Knowledge
  • Coping
  • International Business
  • Perspective Taking
  • Innovator
  • Cultural Adaptability
When to use 360° BY DESIGN

This assessment is scalable and used in executive coaching, training, and leadership development programs or organization wide development programs.


Executive Dimensions

Executive Dimensions

The Executive Dimensions assessment is designed to measure leadership behaviors for top level executives such as CEOs, COOs, and executive and senior vice presidents.



The assessment measures 16 competencies. The broad categories include:


Leading the Business

  • Sound Judgment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leading Change
  • Results Orientation
  • Global Awareness
  • Business Perspective

Leading Others

  • Inspiring Commitment
  • Forging Synergy
  • Developing and Empowering
  • Leveraging Differences
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Interpersonal Savvy

Leading by Personal Example

  • Courage
  • Executive Image
  • Learning from Experience
  • Credibility
When to Use Executive Dimensions

For top leaders who desire feedback from co-workers, bosses, board members, peers, and direct reports with normative data comparisons to other senior level executives.



The Prospector assessment measures how willing you are to engage or learn from different growth opportunities.


Leadership Skills and Learning Behaviors

Prospector also measures the leadership skills and learning behaviors for successful executives:


Learning to Learn

  • Seeks opportunities to learn
  • Seeks and uses feedback
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Open to criticism

Learning to Lead

  • Committed to making a difference
  • Insightful; sees things from new angles
  • Has the courage to take risks
  • Brings out the best in people
  • Acts with integrity
  • Seeks broad business knowledge
  • Adapts to cultural differences
When to use Prospector

Ideally suited for executive coaching of high-potential employees, individual contributors, executives, and managers with global responsibilities.

Pricing varies for each assessment project, discuss the scope of your project by contacting Lynn today.

Have worked with Lynn both as an individual coach as well as in a team setting to facilitate personality assessments of a business team. Both experiences improved individual and team effectiveness. Lynn effectively interacts with individuals in a very supportive, yet data-supported interpretative manner.

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Business Director, BASF

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