Are You Ready to Work with a Coach?

What is a Coaching Readiness Assessment?

There are a few reasons why you may want to take a coaching readiness assessment. You…

  1. Wonder what to expect from a coach.
  2. Need to think more about the outcomes you are seeking before talking to a coach.
  3. Are unsure if a coaching relationship is the right solution for you.
  4. Want to gauge your commitment, time and investment.

This Coaching Readiness Assessment will help you determine these answers so you can make a decision to move forward or to wait.

Each question helps you think about your role and level of commitment in a coaching relationship with your executive, leadership or career coach. Answer each question honestly. At the end, tally up your score and review the recommendations.

You will have an opportunity to indicate if you want to be contacted – now, later or never. If you say never, I will honor your request. All your information is confidential.

Do I have to take the Coaching Readiness Assessment?

Absolutely not. However, if you plan on working with me, this is the first step. Your results help me to understand what is important to you and that we focus on the right outcomes!

Sometimes your assessment results indicate that your timing is off or that I may not be the right person. When that happens, I am happy to refer you to someone who can work with your productively.

How Do I Take the Assessment?

Simply use the form below and your information will be submitted to me directly.