Mentor Coaching

I help you elevate your coaching skills and your personal style as a coach.

We mentor you on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies so you can attain your ACC, PCC, MCC certification, and recertification.

Benefits beyond the core competencies:

Define your coaching style and what sets you apart

Undeniably, no two coaches are exactly alike. Your uniqueness is what attracts clients to you. Let’s build on your strengths!

Build your confidence as a coach

Do you hesitate to ask your client a question because the timing is off? Despite our best intentions, this is an indicator of the coach’s level of trust.

Create more value for your coaching clients

How do you know when your conversations addressing the root cause?

Identify your coaching patterns – stretch to form new patterns

How do your coaching patterns affect the client engagement? Specifically, how do you create awareness?

Learn how to dance in the moment

Most important – your ability to partner and not lead your client may find some unexpected discoveries.

Increase your marketability

More often, coaches who continue to develop their core competencies and learn new coaching approaches are sought after by organizations.

Ensure the client is doing the work and not you!

Who’s working harder in the coaching engagement? And…how invested are you in their outcome?

The Mentor Coaching Packages

Individual Mentoring Sessions


What’s included:

  • Ten one-hour individual mentoring sessions
  • Personal and mentor coach assessment at the beginning and end of the program
  • Co-listen up to 3 client recordings with reflection, specific feedback, and development.*

Small Group Mentoring Sessions


Contact us if you have a pre-made small group of 3-5 coaches. 

What’s included:

  • Seven one-hour group mentoring sessions
  • Three one-hour individual mentoring sessions
  • Personal and mentor coach assessment at the beginning and end of the program
  • Co-listen up to 1 client recordings with reflection, specific feedback, and development.*
Lynn Dessert, MCC

Lynn Dessert, MCC

Mentor Coach

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • In my personal practice, I’ve logged over 3,500 coaching hours

Set up your Discovery Session to learn about your goals and see if we’re a fit.

*You will be responsible for providing 30-minute coaching sessions (with client consent) for your individual sessions. Additonally, tapings are due at least 48 hours in advance of each session.

This meets the minimum requirements for ICF Mentor Coaching with the International Coach Federation for ACC certification renewal or ACC or PCC certification process.

Successfully Attained ICF ACC

As I sought out a mentor coach, I wanted to find someone who was not only knowledgeable and patient but most importantly: trustworthy. A coaching relationship requires being open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable as you learn and develop your coaching skills. Lynn is reliable, a great listener, keenly curious, and respectful, all qualities which build trust. 

Also, having the opportunity to have an in-depth study of the core competencies was incredibly helpful. Lynn’s organized and practical approach to teaching each core competency allowed me to easily understand and apply them to my coaching engagements. Upon completion of Lynn’s mentor coaching sessions, I received my ACC and am working towards my PCC. 

Katrice Boland, Boland Consulting Group

Focusing on PCC Coaching Skills and Beyond

Lynn has helped me identify the behavioral and practical shifts needed for me to reach a higher level of coaching as a PCC. She supports me in my continuing education as a coach. Lynn is candid, challenging, fun, insightful, and empathetic. She’s passionate about helping coaches refine their craft. Mentor coaching with Lynn is well worth the investment and worthwhile beyond the mandatory ICF cycle.

Jonathan King, Jonathan King Advisors

Aligning Professional Goals with Personal Values

I chose Lynn Dessert as my mentor coach because I trust her. We had worked well together on several initiatives for the Charlotte chapter of the International Coaching Federation. Specifically, I was looking for a mentor coach who would provide purposeful, clear and constructive feedback. She did that, and so much more. Also, Lynn helped me appreciate how much I had already grown as a coach. She suggested small adjustments that strategically increased my skills and confidence. Consequently, her perspectives expanded and sharpened my thinking. I recently completed my application for my ACC certification.

Alix Felsing, Alix Felsing Consulting, LLC


What is Mentor Coaching?

It’s a safe place for coaches to to receive feedback on developing their core competencies. In collaboration with the coach, the mentor helps to identify areas where the coach excels. Additionally, we pinpoint opportunities for increasing effectiveness with your clients.

Who is Mentor Coaching for?

Mentor Coaching is associated with renewing or obtaining the next level in the ICF credentialing process. Additionally, some coaches opt to work with a mentor coach as ongoing development.

What are the requirements for Mentor Coaching for ICF Certification?

Ten hours of mentor coaching is required for ACC renewal or applying for the next level of certification. Also, coaching must be completed over at an extended time (at least three months).

What is the difference between Individual vs Group Mentor Coaching?

Coaches must have at least 3 hours of individual mentor coaching whereas the remaining hours can be provided in a group setting of 10 or less coaches.

Do you have list for Group Coaching?

At this time, I am available to provide mentoring to intact groups. Contact me if you have an existing group so we can set up a schedule to meet.

How do I know if I am ready for an ICF certification?

The International Coach Federation has credential path survey tool. You can determine where you in the process.

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