90 Minute Power Coaching Session

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Power Coaching


Sometimes it only takes one session to solve a problem or figure out an issue. So, I created the 90 Minute Power Coaching session.


A 90 Minute Power Coaching Session does not use baseline assessments to examine personal behaviors or work through a complicated situation. Your session offers a confidential sounding board to explore additional resources, approaches, and perspectives while you tackle the problem on your own. Finally, you have my attention for the full 90 minutes either in person, by phone or via Zoom video conferencing.

Set yourself up for success! Probably the most important preparation you can do ahead of our session is to:

  • Set the agenda ahead of time by sending me your burning question.
  • Tell me what you need: a coach or adviser. Either way, we work together to solve find a solution.

It is easy to set up a session and no contracts or agreements are required. Finally, our conversations are confidential.

90 Minute Coaching Session

Simply make your payment through the PayPal or credit card link and I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk during regular business hours, EST.

Alternatively, you can make payment through my online calendar and schedule your session immediately.

NOTE: My calendar cuts off 48 hours in advance, so if your need is more immediate, contact me to determine my availability.

Reserve your 90 Minute Power Coaching Session today for $400 US.

The 90 Minute Power Coaching Session is for individuals who are seeking career and work related coaching or advice. Furthermore, this offer does not apply to company sponsored executive coaching or leadership coaching or development programs.

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Lynn Dessert, MBA, PCC

Lynn Dessert, MBA, PCC

Executive Career Coach

Lynn Dessert utilizes her personal experience and time-tested best practices to coach individuals establish and achieve personal and career goals. She works privately with you to confidentially address sensitive issues.

As a former VP HR, she assists with difficult employment/re-employment issues and helps you get unstuck around a particular situation. She has written several eBooks and a blog around many of the issues you may be facing – perhaps one of these options may be a cost effective solution.