Private Executive Coaching

For Private Pay Clients
Defining your career is a big step.


Private executive coaching for nonprofit executive directors, small business owners, and professionals who invest in their own development. Clients pay for the services directly; there is no organizational oversight.

Main objective I was seeking was achieved in half the time

Lynn is great. I hired her on a 1×1 personal coaching basis. The main objective I was seeking was achieved in half the time. The other half, she helped me to think beyond my current self and find new potential.

She is very sharp, and does an outstanding job listening and responding. I am already referring her to friends and peers.

Stacy Brown, VP of Technology Solutions at XL Catlin

I could share anything with Lynn without feeling judged

Lynn is truly a gifted Coach and a leader. She is quick to pick up on clients’ needs, strengths and goals because she listens carefully and helps them discover their true goals and needs through coaching and subtle, effective questioning.

One of Lynn’s many specialties is to utilize meaningful assessments as well as self-reflection techniques that go back to points in time that really help you uncover those “a-ha!” moments that help define your transferable skills and strengths as well as what you really like to do.

Matt Cicco, Career Coach


There are several situations where executives decide to work with a private executive coach.

  • You are a CEO, Executive Director or leader of a small nonprofit organization who aspires to develop your personal leadership capabilities.
  • As a new or seasoned business owner who wants to create a vision for the future and figure out how to make it happen.
  • You are a life leaner. You know working on your “self” leverages your capabilities and helps you make more informed decisions on life and career.
  • Your organization is not supporting your personal career development. You know to get ahead, your development is an investment.
  • It is important for your inner work to be private, without any organization or boss involvement.

Let’s explore how working together can help you achieve your professional goals and outcomes.


There are several ways to work with Lynn Dessert, MCC privately on your professional or personal goals. You can choose which coaching package works for your specific situation based on where you are at today, what outcomes you have set for yourself and how fast you want to get there.  As a general guideline:

  • The Power Coaching Session is a focused on a single issue with an immediate outcome. This option is also great if you want to see if working together on a longer term basis makes sense for you.
  • The six-month package give you the time and space to explore options, test assumptions and ground yourself in reaching short-term goals. 
  • The yearly program provide the best value for long-term or deeper personal development. Often these include behavior changes where reinforcement is critical to success. 
  • Our new offering –  Quarterly Accountability Coaching is available to previous clients where the coach-coachee relationship is established. 

All coaching time is to be used within the specified program length and is the responsibility of the client to schedule their sessions via the online calendar. Without prior agreement, clients forfeit hours not used.

    NOTE: Due to Paypal’s change in policy, transaction fees will not be refunded in the event you cancel or request a refund for services or products that complies with our agreement. 

    Which Coaching Package right for you?

    The length of your coaching experience will depend a few factors. Consider how much you want to work on (scope) and the level you want to examine (depth)  the shifts you intend to make. Coaching is often a time for deep reflection on pivotal points in your life. 

    Some examples of longer-term outcomes Lynn has worked on with clients are:

    • Identifying and addressing personal roadblocks to career success.
    • Developing leadership and management skills to prepare for promotion and career advancement opportunities.
    • Visioning and developing  a new business venture.
    • Re-inventing oneself after a significant life change event.
    • Working on specific leadership skills to be more effective in the workplace.


    Depending on what outcomes you want to accomplish, there are several assessments that may be useful. These are three assessments are used frequently in private executive coaching sessions:
    HBDI Feedback Diagram

    Hermmann Brain Dominance Instrument

    The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) provides feedback on how your thinking style. Why is that important? Making career choices and decisions can be stressful and knowing how you approach your decision making process can improve your outcomes. Additionally, Lynn has developed an methodology to assist you in interview preparation.

    Hogan Assessments

    Hogan Assessments have a number of assessments used in Leadership Development.


    One of the most used 360 degree assessments, Benchmarks, is apart of the Center for Creative Leadership suite of assessments used in Leadership Development.

    What You Can Do Today

    Invest in your future. If you continue to wait for your organization or someone else to do it for you, it may never get done.

    If you live near Charlotte, NC you can meet Lynn at her office. Alternatively, she works by phone or Zoom video conferencing. Why not take advantage of Lynn Dessert’s experience and insight when developing your leadership and business skills?