The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding

Once you have the job, keep it.
Lynn Dessert, MBA MCC

Lynn Dessert, MBA MCC

Executive Coach

There was a time when employers took an active role in helping you manage your career. Not anymore. Employer and employee loyalty is virtually non-existent. To get ahead, you must step up your game.


If you want a successful career, read on.


For seventeen years, I benefited from companies and bosses that actively navigated my career. I left the corporate world to work independently as an executive career and life coach so that I can help people learn how to manage career advancement with or without direct employer assistance.

Since 2009, I have written a blog, Elephants at Work, which offers strategies on career management. I have coached many people who are dissatisfied with their career progression. Many make bad new employment choices before taking stock of what’s currently working or not working in their career. Invariably, they bring old baggage into their new employer relationship and experience the same problems all over again, resulting in continued dissatisfaction with their career or being asked to leave.

Had they reflected on what was working and not working and put a solid plan in place, they would have been successful at on-boarding into their employer.


At any given moment, we can re-create who we are and tell a different story.
Renzie Richardson

Director Training and Human Resources Development, Education Corporation of America


I have been there, I have done it, and I get it.

Let me help you be successful.


  • Becky was dissatisfied with her current employer and had a poor relationship with her manager. The company’s human resources department failed to help the situation—a clear sign her employer wanted to her to leave. She left to work for the first company she interviewed with. In the first few weeks, she experienced communication issues with her new manager.
  • Out of work for over one year, Paul took a position in a company because it was the only job offer he had received and he needed to work. He clashed with his manager and within four months was reassigned to a new manager and position with a significant salary reduction. Paul is actively looking for a new position and wants to make a better decision with his next career move.
  • Robert’s resume is a train wreck. He has worked for three companies in less than five years due to a layoff or termination. The underlying reason for each dismissal is that he was a poor fit with either the employer’s culture or manager relationship. He wants to find a company where he can stay at least five years.

Each of these clients met with me individually over a three month period using my Coaching Starter Package ($1500+) to figure out what to do. In each situation, I coached them on how to successfully on-board a job – picking the right employer and developing a positive relationship with their manager.

For some, the cost of career coaching is not an issue. For some people cost is an issue. So I created a self-development guide that gives you the information you need quickly and cost effectively.


Address the Challenges You Are Facing

In The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding, I walk you through:

  • What is successful Job On-Boarding?
  • How to increase your self-awareness.
  • How to assess organization culture and norms.
  • Why evaluating your manager relationship is important.
  • Why using “The Tough Question Model” helps you develop a better plan.
  • How to create your 30-60-90 Day Plan step by step.
  • The “secret weapon” that is easy to implement.
  • Ways to deal with your manager’s resistance.
  • What does success look like.

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The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding eBook
I think “The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding” should be mandatory reading for those with years of work experience -and for those just starting out.

Lynn clearly outlines how to solve broken work issues and achieve success on the job.

Bob Jenkins

The questions in the book are ones I work through with my clients every day. So I am confident there will be at least one tip or piece of advice in The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding  (take a sneak preview of the table of contents) that will help you take control of your career. However, if for any reason The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding fails to meet your expectations, simply send me an email letting me know and I will promptly refund you (less PayPal’s transaction fee)!



 You’ll Get Results Using the Self-Development Guide!

After I wrote The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding, I asked people who develop job on-boarding programs, recruiters, and new employees for feedback. Natalie’s comment is representative of the comments I received:

The Secrets of Successful Job On-Boarding is a must read for taking control of your career success.

I encourage you to work through the exercises in Chapters One through Five. When you get to Chapter Six, 30/60/90-day planning it will all come together nicely.

You will be completely self-aware!

Natalie Washington

President, JWN Recruitment

Just imagine how much more confident you would be going into a new job knowing your strengths and having a plan designed for your career success.

 Are You Ready to Take Control of Career?

Once you have the job, keep it –  The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding retails for $20. Get it now at half price!

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