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Are you looking for a speaker for your next event or employee workshop? Lynn Dessert is a sought after speaker who shares her knowledge and expertise of how to take control of your career in today’s changing workplace. Her style is engaging and packed full of stories that audiences relate to.

Her presentations for conferences, association meetings, retreats, workshops, seminars, and company sponsored events rate highly with attendees.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Lynn is available to speak to groups world-wide.

Securing the right person for your speaking event is important. Get someone who connects with your audience and imparts information that they can use!


Here are just a few of the topics that Lynn Dessert has spoken at recent speaking engagements. If you have a topic of interest, don’t be bashful – ask and find out if she can speak to it!

Leadership and Management Development

Human Resources Development

Career Networking Groups

  • Leading with Your Strengths
  • How Many Elephants are Hiding? Select any topic from our blog, Elephants at Work.
  • Job On-Boarding: Success at Work
  • Creating your Personal Development Plan for Careers, Entrepreneurs, Life etc.
  • Selling Your Compensation Program with the Four F’s
  • Meeting Strategic People Objectives
  • Job On-Boarding: Retention Strategies at Work
  • How Many Elephants are Hiding?
  • Five Ways to Manage Your Career Better
  • Improving Your ROI (Return on Interviews)
  • Leading with Your Strengths

Lynn’s ability to stimulate and encourage a deep, thorough investigation into a “mythical” behavioral roadblock enabled me to eliminate an unwarranted belief in a capability and develop a plan to rebuild it. She has directly impacted my future success. Her upbeat, genuinely caring demeanor is refreshing and contagious.

Bottom-line – Thank you for doing the workshop, Creating Your Entrepreneurial Personal Development Plan. I’m excited about relearning a long forgotten skill.

Chris Harness

Sr. TPM/Lean Mentor, Harness Consulting