Successful Executive Career & Life Coaching with Lynn Dessert

Factors in CareersAre you are looking for an experienced executive career and life coach? It might be your first time working with a coach or you want a change – whatever the reason, my expertise, approach, and services can give you what you need to be successful.

I solve lots of problems and challenges. I work with both organizations and individuals. If your problem is unique, just ask. If I can’t do it, I’ll refer you to someone who can. If you are not ready to work with me, I’ll tell you that too.

Executive Career & Life Coaching

If you want to…

  • Manage your boss, peers and office politics better
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Change other people’s perception of you
  • Channel constructive feedback into positive change
  • Explore other career options and find a career you are passionate about
  • Narrow down options and focus on what’s important
  • Take charge of your own self development
  • Have a trusted sounding board that is looking after your best interest

…then I can help. Working one-on-one, together we find the solution that works best for your unique situation. The results my clients experience affects their careers and personal lives.

“I worked with Lynn as my career coach and can say undeniably that she made substantial contributions in helping me find my next opportunity and enhancing my awareness of my personal & professional make-up. Her insight and thoughtful analysis enabled me to make deliberate changes on how I present myself to others and more conscious of my natural tendencies. I highly recommend Lynn as coach/consultant that can serve as a sounding board, help in the analysis of complex business/personal dynamics and identify alternatives and possible solutions.”

-Ross Terradas, Individual Coaching client

Executive Group Coaching

Teams and groups are made up of individuals with varying personalities, agendas and preferences. An effective team coach is able to identify individual and group dynamics simultaneously and facilitate the interaction of those inter-dependencies to find the right resolution.

Team or group coaching will help increase your organization’s effectiveness with:

  • Overcoming communication breakdowns
  • Improve decision-making and execution
  • Fixing dysfunctional teams
  • Identifying and leveraging individual capabilities within a team
  • Providing leadership feedback from the team
  • Building trust
  • Managing stress
  • Developing internal executive or high potential talent
  • Transitioning sales teams from individual to team success
  • Increasing employee satisfaction

Know what your objectives are with team development. Is it to have fun or to develop the team’s capabilities? My clients recognize the value of building momentum. One session will not solve a team problem. In fact, don’t waste your money unless your objective is to have fun. Group and team development requires commitment from the organization to go beyond “the flavor of the month.”

Coaching Services for Organizations

Coaching Services for Individuals

Individual coaching services are available to direct pay clients who are not being sponsored by their company or another third party. There are a limited number of direct pay clients that I accept each year.

The Coaching Starter Package is our most affordable career package designed to jump start your career transition or progression. Get past talking about what you want to do and start doing it. The Coaching Starter Package is available only to direct pay clients.

Sometimes a 90 Minute Power Coaching session is all you need because you are clear about your goals and want a career or human resources expert to validate your assumptions.

Take the coaching readiness assessment today. Not everyone is ready to work with a coach; find out if you are without any obligation. When you take this assessment, I know you are serious about finding an executive or career coach.

Assessment Services

  • Take the HBDI Assessment Online. Take the HBDI online and receive your feedback in a one hour session. There are no contracts. It’s your hour to learn about your thinking preferences profile and to ask any questions you might have about the HBDI results.
  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory. The Strong Interest Inventory and Interpretive Report will help you explore new career options or validate that you are in the right career.


Discuss your needs and possible solutions with Lynn today. Use the contact form or call (585) 249-5149. Not ready to invest in a program today? Learn what you can do at Elephants at Work that might make the difference.