Company Sponsored Coaching

Our company sponsored coaching helps relieve the pressures your leadership team faces.

We understand the pace of change has dramatically increased.  Consequently, leadership has to face new challenges, adapt, make quick decisions, and implement actions for the company to be successful.

To do this effectively, leaders need to create time for in-depth reflection and consideration of all possibilities. Company sponsored coaching supports leaders to explore fully their actions and decisions in a confidential environment. 

Undoubtedly, each group I work with faces specific needs. For example, I work with individuals, small groups of leaders and coaches…let’s design the right approach for you.


First-Time Leaders

Internal Coaches

Influence others to follow or join in
Time management (when to say "no")
Micro-managing direct reports or teams
Lack of trust in others
Poor communication of ideas or feelings
Insensitivity to the needs of others
Organizational and cultural change initiatives
Belief your team is dysfunctional
Gain leadership confidence
Manage constant change
Increase leadership development skills vs. technical skills
Refine interpersonal and communication skills, especially with people who differ from you
Evaluate personal confidence (overpowering discussions or not speaking up)
Proactively manage relationships - peer/direct reports/boss
Build a new team or manage an existing team
Become more adaptable/flexible to new leadership role demands
Balance relationship building and delivering results
Hold others accountable
Finness providing and receiving feedback
Assess organizational politics and how to react
Provide mentor coaching for your internal coaching team
Develop coaching skills from basic to advanced
Prepare for ICF certification advancement
Listen and provide feedback on coaching sessions
Further development of your coaching style

Company Sponsored Coaching Programs

Additional Services 

I help organizations design and implement mentor programs for leadership development.

If you’re interested in booking me for a public speaking opportunity within your organization, I’m happy to discuss it.

I am certified to administer and deliver results on these assessments.

Center for Creative Leadership Assessments

  • Benchmarks for Executives
  • Benchmarks for Leaders
  • Benchmarks for Learning Agility
  • Benchmarks by Design
  • Skillscope

Hogan Assessments Suite

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • Motive, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Hogan 360

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

Based on brain based theory, the HBDI measures your thinking style preferences. How you think affects how you make decisions, problem-solve, interact with others and manage stress.


Actualized Leadership

  • Actualized Leadership Profile
  • ALP360
  • Group Culture Profile

Trust and Communication Improvements

Lynn led workshops to help our sales team sell more effectively by better understanding each client’s HBDI thinking styles. By knowing that and their own thinking style, they were able to tailor their approach to help improve trust and communication. Later, we used the same approach very effectively to build a new leadership team. In both cases, Lynn was able to get great engagement and help us make lasting improvements.

Mike Dalton – Formally Regional Business Director – Americas | President, Guided Innovation Group, LLC

Seeing Different Perspectives

I entered into our coaching sessions somewhat resistant to the process. There were elevated conflicts with some members of our Board of Directors. In short, the decision to engage in leadership coaching was not entirely mine.

Lynn’s approach was empathetic, but challenging. She did not hesitate to encourage me to see things from a different perspective. Her insight was remarkably accurate. She did not answer my uncertainties directly, but helped redirect my thinking in a way that allowed me to consider new ideas.

I was so impressed with the process that I recommended Lynn’s services to my second-in-command at my organization. If I decide to re-engage with leadership coaching in the future, Lynn Dessert will be my first choice.

Charles Odell, CEO and President, Dilworth Center

Mastering a Coaching Management Style

I chose to work with Lynn because of her background in HR and communication style.

Over the course of nine months, Lynn coached me through an incredibly difficult stage in my life and career.  She held me accountable and kept me focused on the overall goal – improving my communication with colleagues to reach desired results and goals. Lynn pushed me to see things through a different lens and helped me to develop a communication style and tools that felt authentic but led to desired outcomes.  It’s an area in which I was failing miserably, both personally and professionally, and was suffering the consequences.

Through working with Lynn, I have adopted a “coaching” style of management and I see it paying off immensely. In a nutshell, Lynn taught me to communicate in a manner that a true leader should, without ego. Additionally, she empowered me to have the confidence and strength to lead with empathy and caring.

Amanda Prothero, Chief Development Officer
Renaissance West Community Initiative

What does it cost?

Our company sponsored coaching engagements range from 8K-25K+. Investment depends on length of time, assessment work, organizational size and level of the leader in the organization.

Once we receive detail for your development needs, we can provide an estimate. For further information: